TPMC currently manages multiple ground and waste water treatment systems for private industry and various federal agencies including projects involving O&M of systems, some of which include air stripping with GAC polishing.

Groundwater Treatment Pilot Study, Anodyne Site, Miami, FL.
TPMC completed a pilot study to evaluate the efficacy of bio-enhancement injections to treat chlorinated solvents in groundwater. This project involved using existing monitoring wells as injection points to gather operational information such as radius of influence and injection design parameters and determining the effectiveness of various biological enhancement alternatives.

Groundwater Remediation for Former Charlotte Army Missile Plant (CAMP) Site, US Army Corps of Engineers, Charlotte, NC.
TPMC has been contracted to provide a variety of services to completed groundwater remediation at the site. TPMC will be revising the site Proposed Plan (PP) and Decision Document (DD) for the site. Prior to the document revision, TPMC will complete further investigation including groundwater sampling; prepare and implement a pilot study to define a new treatment scheme; and perform groundwater modeling to gain an understanding of current site conditions. After this investigation phase, TPMC will revise the PP and DD to specify the revised treatment scheme. TPMC will then design, and implement the groundwater treatment program.

SVE and Groundwater Remediation System Maintenance, Operation and Monitoring, San Jose, CA.
TPMC completed final O&M operations, including long-term monitoring, for the facility’s SVE and groundwater remediation system before this system was shut down. The system consisted of the SVE system, as well as liquid- and vapor-phase GAC treatment. TPMC assisted in the closure of the site including emptying the GAC vessels and shipping the GAC for regeneration.

Installation of a Permeable Reactive Barrier
Los Alamos National Laboratory, Los Alamos, NM.
TPMC designed, engineered, constructed, and installed a Groundwater Treatment System consisting of an in-situ multi-cell permeable reactive barrier (PRB) and groundwater treatment zone; and a low-permeability soil cap; and three carbon filter treatment systems.

Groundwater Investigation, Treatment, and Long-Term Monitoring
Los Alamos National Laboratory, Los Alamos, NM.
This 1-acre site contained highly contaminated soils and a fractured flow dominated system associated with the outfall discharge from a high explosives (HE) machining facility. Deep GW around and down gradient from the machining facility was contaminated with HE, RDX, and barium. Performance objectives were to reduce concentrations of RDX and barium in alluvial GW and to prevent their migration to recharge areas for deeper aquifers. This was LANL’s first RCRA Corrective Measures Implementation project and TPMC’s scope was based on a pre-existing concept design. TPMC has provided turnkey environmental remediation to design, engineer, construct, installation and monitoring of a groundwater treatment system that is achieving the reductions in RDX and barium the New Mexico Environmental Department (NMED) Consent Order required.

Lawrence Livermore National Security, LLC
Management Support for Environmental and D&D Programs
Livermore, CA.
TPMC supported Lawrence Livermore National Security, LLC in the management of their environmental restoration (ER) and decontamination & decommissioning (D&D) programs at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL). These programs include in-situ groundwater remediation, management and operation of treatment facilities, decontamination & decommissioning of radioactively clean and contaminated buildings, and environmental restoration research & development projects.

USACE Sacramento District ERS Contract.
TPMC provided a wide range of environmental services at multiple sites including determining nature-and-extent characterization of hazardous sites; report and DD preparation; community outreach; quality control testing and surveillance; removal of tanks, drums, and transformers and treating the associated waste and contaminated soils; sampling and analysis of water and soil samples as well of the contents of tanks, drums, and transformers; installation of monitoring wells, soil-venting systems, groundwater treatment systems, and thermal extraction systems and operation and maintenance of the facilities; removal, treatment, and disposal of wastes from explosives and radiation contaminated media as well as ordnance removal; and the planning and management of all work efforts.

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