Yucca Mountain Management and Operations Support
Bechtel SAIC Company (BSC)/DOE’s Office of Civilian Radioactive Waste Management
TPMC has provided technical support to the Bechtel-SAIC (BSC) team under their management and operations (M&O) contract with the Office of Civilian Radioactive Waste Management (OCRWM) for the U.S. Department of Energy. TPMC’s scope of work included integrating program-level and project-level activities and providing technical staff in a broad spectrum of technical disciplines and study areas, such as regulatory strategy, policy development, system studies, license application preparation, technical baseline, geochemistry, igneous intrusion, performance confirmation, and data qualification. TPMC also provided technical experts for special studies, including evaluation of alternative waste forms and development of a transportation/logistics simulation model that is being used to model the “cradle to grave” waste management process for the storage, transportation, packaging, and disposal of spent nuclear fuel and high-level radioactive wastes from 129 sites to the geologic repository at Yucca Mountain.

Department of Energy Idaho Field Office (DOE-ID) Technical and Management Assistance for Environmental Restoration and Waste Management
TPMC technical experts and professionals were responsible for development and integration of three projects (the Transportation Project, the Waste Acceptance Project, and the Geologic Repository Project) into one OCRWM program, for disposition of commercial and defense spent nuclear fuel and high-level radioactive wastes from 129 sites across the United Sates.

TPMC provided technical and management assistance to the DOE Idaho (DOE-ID) Field Office on a broad range of hazardous and radioactive environmental restoration and waste management services including radiological performance assessments, assistance in revising DOE Order 5820.2B, input to DOE Order 435.1, independent remediation project reviews, development of mixed LLRW disposal systems, and risk assessment. TPMC also supported the Greater-than-Class C LLRW management program, including evaluating available options for the management and/or disposal of the various types of commercial and DOE GTCC.

Radioactive Contaminated Soils Removal for Decommissioning
Beltsville Agricultural Research Center (BARC), Beltsville, MD
TPMC, in our joint venture with EnergySolutions (as TES) is performing a 3-year, Small Business Set Aside, IDIQ contract for innovative and low-cost remediation services for the free release/decommissioning, and license termination of the BARC burial site located in Beltsville, MD. The scope of services includes sampling of soils, liquids, low-level radioactive waste (LLRW), and mixed wastes; remediation of contaminated soils and back filling of excavated areas; packaging, transporting, disposal of all samples, wastes and soils; transportation and disposal of soil, mixed waste and LLRW; treatment and disposal of waste streams; preparation of the Final Status Survey Report (FSSR); and completion of the Human Health Baseline Risk Assessment (BSA).

To date, the team has disposed of 85,270 yards of contaminated soil to date under an NRC/Agreement State license to perform the work outlined in the DP and uses a JMC-approved broker to oversee packaging and shipping of the material for disposal.

TPMC uses technologies and practices that are the least disruptive to the environment, generate the least amount of waste, that use recyclable materials, emit fewer pollutants and greenhouse gases, and that reuse all “certified” clean excavated material to the extent possible. Our technical approach ensures that 100% of the contaminated materials present in the 46 burial cells present in the North Field of the LLRBS are excavated, treated, and/or properly disposed of by TES.

Waste Packaging, Transportation and Disposal
Los Alamos National Security Master Task Order Agreement (MTOA)
This project was the largest mobilization of bins and long-haul trucks of any remediation project in the history of the DOE more than double the size of the bin/truck fleet deployed at Rocky Flats during its peak cleanup operations.. As a subcontractor, TPMC provides waste packaging, transportation and disposal services. We plan for and accept characterized, manifested and packaged wastes from multiple environmental remediation subcontractors to LANS. We interface with LANS subcontractors on remediation planning and approaches to providing waste services support. For some of our tasks, site access is limited to night work to avoid impacting ongoing operations, so we conduct waste services when access is available.

Our proposed pricing was so advantageous to LANS that they awarded only one contract for waste transportation and disposal instead of the two originally planned. TPMC has delivered waste shipping services at less than half the cost of services provided by previous subcontractors. TPMC has also secured waste shipping profiles with several TSDFs for industrial and special waste that had not been available in the past due to perceived problems with characterization reliability and shipment approval communication from LANL. Due to the diligence of TPMC characterization, this issue has been eliminated.

We successfully completed accelerated transportation and disposal of wastes under ARRA funding and with LANS normal funding. During this campaign, we shipped and disposed more than 38,200 m3 of low-level radioactive soil and debris, mixed waste and industrial waste to nine different approved disposal sites, including EnergySolutions Clive, Waste Control Specialists, U.S. Ecology and the Nevada National Security Site over a 12-month period. This represents 3,000 over-the-road shipments from the remote and access-limited Los Alamos site with 2.5 million miles driven and zero accidents. This over-the-road shipping.

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