Ground Water Treatment Plant Construction, Operations & Maintenance, and Soil Vapor Extraction System Installation, Allen-Bradley Commodore Semiconductor Group Site, Norristown, PA
TPMC’s Water/Wastewater Resources Group, formerly Sustainable Resources Group Inc. (SRG), has operated and maintained a groundwater treatment system at the client’s site since the installation of the system in 2000. The system treats groundwater contaminated with Volatile Organic Compounds, primarily trichloroethylene. In addition to the groundwater system, a soil vapor extraction system was installed and operated by SRG. The original treatment system design components included air stripping, nano-filtration, chemical addition, and carbon treatment of the recovered groundwater. SRG assisted in determining that the nano-filtration and chemical addition included in the original design were not necessary for successful GWTP operation, and that discharge standards could be attained with air stripping and carbon treatment. SRG provides operation and maintenance, system optimization, compliance sampling and reporting.

Wastewater Pretreatment System Design/Building, Operations and Maintenance, Tank Management and Facility Decontamination, Crayola, Bethlehem, PA
TPMC’s Water/Wastewater Resources Group, formerly SRG, provides oversight of the operation of an industrial wastewater pretreatment facility for a plant manufacturing art supplies. The contract is a follow-on to the company’s 1997 work to design and build a treatment system to remove solids and metals prior to discharge to the municipal wastewater system. The system utilizes chemical precipitation and filtration to remove the solids and metals. SRG is responsible for the operation and maintenance utilizing client staff.

Ground Water Remediation/ Operations & Maintenance, Purex Industries
Millville, NJ
Since 1994, TPMC’s Water/Wastewater Resources Group, formerly SRG, has been providing remediation services for the cleanup of site and groundwater contamination at this client’s site. The contaminants include Volatile Organic Compounds, primarily trichloroethylene along with jet fuel and gasoline. The groundwater treatment system consists of a series of 13 recovery-wells designed to pump 375,000-gpd of contaminated groundwater to the facility. A UV/peroxide oxidation process utilized ultraviolet light with hydrogen peroxide for destruction of organic compounds. This process is highly effective for treating TCE, the main contaminant. The UV/oxidation process is followed by a shallow-tray air-stripper and the treated effluent is recharged through a series of injection wells and trenches. Currently, SRG provides operation and maintenance services of the groundwater treatment system collecting, reviewing and maintaining all process data and operating logs. SRG prepares and submits the remedial progress and operations reports to regulatory authorities.

Groundwater Treatment Plant, US Navy, NAVFAC Mid-Atlantic
Bethpage, NY
TPMC’s Water/Wastewater Resources Group, formerly SRG, supported this Department of Defense client. SRG provided operation and maintenance (O&M) activities, system optimization, site management, and technical reporting services for the client’s inactive facilities groundwater treatment plant. The GM-38 Area system is designed to treat up to 1,200 gallons per minute groundwater contaminated with trichloroethylene tetrachloroethylene, and carbon tetrachloride extracted from two recovery wells and processed through a packed column air stripper followed by a liquid granular activated carbon treatment.

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