Government and industry is facing significant challenges with declining budgets while maintaining mission effectiveness.  In fact, expectations are actually increasing for our clients in performance and growing mission areas.  The question is, how can we think differently to address these significant challenges?  The approach to addressing these challenges often results in the development of new organizational policy and the implementation of new and changing programs across the organization and their enterprise.

For over 10 years, TPMC has supported our clients with policy & programmatic services to address these needs and challenges.  We utilize an approach where we combine senior level expertise from our firm, who have deep knowledge of our client organizations, along with specific technical knowledge of specific policy and/or programs to address.    What sets TPMC apart from most firms is our depth of knowledge working at the ground and field level of our client’s organization combined with our strong policy & programmatic experience and understanding from the management “C Suite” level.  This approach enables us to understand the impact and barriers to effective policy development when its deployed to the field.  Furthermore, this experience helps us effectively develop programmatic implementation strategies, pilot studies, and then full scale implementation of new programs for deployment across an organization.

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