As a small business firm at the fore front of the environmental services and technology industry, TPMC has successfully delivered award winning remedial, restoration and compliance services to Government and private sector clients in every phase of environmental restoration and remediation including remedial design, remedial action and the optimization and operation and maintenance (O&M) of remediation systems. TPMC has performed work on a design/build basis and has developed and implemented detailed specifications. We often take turnkey responsibility for a site from investigation, including regulatory reporting and negotiations, through remediation.

Our Environmental Consulting and Remediation experience includes remedial action and the operation and maintenance of remediation systems. We have performed work on a design/build basis as well as developing or implementing detailed specifications. TPMC has specialized experience in working on sites impacted with high hazard materials such as beryllium, radioactive waste materials and with Ordnance Explosives (OE) and Munitions and Explosive of Concern (MEC). TPMC understands the unique requirements of these and many other waste forms and has successfully managed large site investigations, performed complex removal actions, and successfully negotiated with regulatory agencies while consistently minimizing remediation and waste management costs.

Our Environmental Remediation services include:
RCRA and CERCLA field investigations and remedial actions
Complete Site Management (Investigation through Remediation)
Site Assessment/Emergency Response
CERCLA/RCRA/UST remedial actions
Removal Support
Design and Specification Packages
Remedial Construction and Oversight
Complete Subcontractor Management
Bid specification Review and Contractor Selection Assistance
Third party Remedial Confirmation Sampling
Regulatory Negotiations
Treatment Systems Operations & Monitoring (O&M)
Post Remediation Monitoring
Engineering Studies (FS, CMS, EE/CA) and Cost Estimating

Our Environmental Compliance experience ranges from performing integrated environmental health and safety audits, pollution prevention planning, conducting lead-based paint and asbestos surveys, to integrating technology based environmental management system (EMS) solutions. TPMC has specialized experience in the area of environmental management system (EMS) integration and we work closely with system providers to help organizations migrate from inefficient paper-based systems to effective software based solutions.

Our remediation and compliance services clients include DOE sites, DoD, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Department of the Interior (DOI), State and local governments, and select commercial clients.

Our Environmental Compliance services include:
Compliance Audits (i.e., environmental, health, and safety)
Environmental Management Systems (EMS) Integration
Emergency Action Work Plans/Site Safety & Health Plans for complex and hazardous projects
Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasures (SPCC) Plans
Storm Water Pollution Prevention (SWPP) Plans
Pollution Prevention Planning
Lead-based Paint and Asbestos Surveys and Management

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