TPMC’s technology consulting services provide clients with highly skilled experts and engineers who maintain a deep knowledge of emerging technologies. Our engineers & consultants combine their specialized skills with our strong understanding of a client’s mission and objectives.  Our focus in technology consulting and is the following two key areas:
  1. Technology Transfer – TPMC assists our client’s to effectively transfer proven technologies that provide cost savings, efficiency, and improved mission operation, supporting technology transfer approaches enabling implementation across their program enterprise
  2. Emerging Technology Development – We support technologies in the pilot study phase helping to bring them to full scale implementation. 
Our consulting approach, combined with client insight and technology knowledge, provides us with the unique ability to design, develop and implement the optimal technology solution for the client.

Our areas of expertise in technology consulting services include:
Renewable & Other Energy Technologies – We support the analysis of specific tailored energy technologies that meet the specific siting, utility, and usage needs of our clients for duplication and use across their CONUS & OCONUS sites
Beneficial Reuse of Contaminated Sediments Technologies:  We support pilot studies and strategies for full scale implementation of technologies focused on the beneficial life-cycle reuse of contaminated sediments working with the USACE & specific US and Global Ports
Water Treatment Technologies:   TPMC has supported the development of industrial waste water treatment technologies developing strategies taking pilot studies into full scale implementation.

Our goal is to provide our clients with a depth of knowledge backed by a strong understanding in engineering, science, and the technical aspects of technology transfer and development.  We seek to ensure our service provides a greater impact than one-off technologies to those that have lasting impacts to our clients mission and business results.

Please feel free to contact us with your questions or to discuss your needs in further detail.
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