Privately Financed Infrastructure Projects and Programs

Public Private Partnerships (P3s) are becoming integral to the overall capital investment and infrastructure strategy worldwide. In the US, it is anticipated that over $20 Billion a year of private investment will be made in Municipal, State, and Federal Government projects annually starting within the next several years.  With aging infrastructure across the US combined with significant budget challenges within Federal, State, and Local Government, private sector financed solutions have the ability to help close the funding gap on these critical projects.  The increased demand for P3 arrangements will continue.

P3 can assist the Public entity to maximize the value of the public’s assets to reduce or eliminate the need for government capital while obtaining new construction or modernized facilities & infrastructure. The public sector is given a share of the benefits and is able to shift risk to the private sector from the free market opportunity that comes from increased competition, more accurate and sensitive pricing, expanded financing options, life-cycle O&M planning & funding, and more timely response to customer demand. In return, the private sector is given the opportunity to earn profits that might otherwise be unavailable. A well-designed P3 balances public and private sector capabilities and interests.

TPMC and our staff have significant expertise in supporting P3 solutions both as a consultant to our government clients and in select roles as the lead developer for complex environmentally focused infrastructure projects.  We have supported the DoD, DOE and Industry partners with successfully closed P3 projects valued at over $3B in privately financed transactions.   In addition, we have in-depth expertise in supporting the procurement and government approval process for these projects.

What separates TPMC from others in P3 services is the combination of our:
Experience with government procurement & authorities,
Relationships with financial institutions providing financing for these projects, and
Broad existing skill sets and ability to build a team to support finance, technology, environmental permitting, design, construction, and O&M that help accelerate deal closure.

Our staff’s P3 project experience covers a broad area of geographies, clients, approaches, and specific project goals.  Our P3 projects include private financing and new construction of renewable energy development, new buildings and infrastructure, and industrial facilities supporting beneficial reuse of contaminated sediments.  In addition, we support P3 project development to leverage underutilized real estate/property on DOE and DOD facilities.   These projects include the following aspects:

Use of Government Authorities for transactions to include
Enhanced Use Leasing (EUL)
Energy Savings Performance Contracts (ESPC)
Power-Purchase Agreements (PPA)
Public-Public Use Agreements
Environmental Permitting & NEPA
Technology Assessment
Financial Proforma Development & Analysis
Concept Development
Feasibility Studies
Public Relations and Outreach
Procurement Development and Source Selection Assistance
Deal Structure
Project Financial Closure & Negotiations Assistance

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